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Latvia Residency Programs

For non-EU citizens, Latvia offers several residency programs, including the Golden Visa program for real estate investments, capital investment (Golden Visa) and the EU  Blue Card Visa. All programs provide a path to permanent residency and, in some cases, citizenship. The Golden Visa program requires a minimum investment of €50,000, real estate requires €250,000, whereas the EU Blue Card requires no financial investments, noting that all programs don't require any physical stay in Latvia.

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Let us guide you to the most suitable program fitted to your specific needs and situation.

Investment Scheme 

The basic criteria is a minimum investment of €250,000 in a private property, a commitment to keep the investment for at least 5 years, a clean criminal background, and some other requirements. After 5 years of holding the residency , the candidate is eligible to apply for permanent residence and potentially later the citizenship.

Real Estate
Golden Visa

This is a 5 years European visa based on capital share investment in operating company in Latvia with the amount of €50,000. In addition to paying €10,000 government fees and €10,000 legal fees, noting that no physical stay in Latvia is required 

We will assist in setting up your business, introducing investment opportunities, handling your accounts, taxes, open bank accounts and assist in obtaining an EU residency that could eventually lead to EU passport. 

EU Blue Card

We provide full professional, personalized & transparent services related to:

Residency application: 
1. Collecting required documents 
2. Bank arrangements
3. Legal advice and powers of attorney
4. Communications with designated embassies 
5. Setting appointment with immigration department
6. Submitting applications at the immigration department

Property or Company:
1. Assisting through the suitable property or company selection process
2. Property management during the years of residency

Why Choose Latvia:
  • ​Free access to the whole European market and culture

  • Very beautiful and quite country

  • A higher standard of living at a low cost

  • One of the most advanced and stable community in the world

  • Prestige education system 

Advantages of Latvia Residency Program
  • Applicant can live and work in Latvia.

  • Applicant can travel visa-free to all Schengen countries.

  • Applicant can register and operate in all Schengen countries.

  • Applicant can extend the application to family members who are dependents such as children, spouses, and parents with no further investments required.

  • No minimum stay in Latvia.

  • Keep a residency in another country.

  • Option to obtain permanent residency and  citizenship.

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