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Hungary Entrepreneurship Residency

For non-EU citizens, Hungary offers an Entrepreneurship Residency Program, which grants a temporary residence permit for two years and allows business owners to live and work in Hungary. A minimum investment of €50,000 is required, as well as the creation of at least 5 jobs for Hungarian citizens. It provides a pathway to permanent residency and, in time, citizenship.

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Investment Scheme 

  • A minimum investment of €50,000 is required.

  • At least 5 jobs for Hungarians must be created. 

  • Allows for a two-year temporary residence permit. 

  • Provides a path to permanent residency and, possibly, citizenship.

Advantages of Hungary Residency Program
  • Corporate tax of only 10%

  • Low operating and labor costs

  • Stable business environment

  • Temporary EU Residency 

  • Visa-Free Travel to all Europe

  • Free health care and education

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