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Cyprus Permanent Residency 

Cyprus has a Permanent Residency by Investment program, which allows individuals and families to obtain permanent residency and the right to live and work in Cyprus by investing in real estate. Benefits include visa-free travel to the EU and access to high-quality healthcare and education in Cyprus. The program is relatively quick and efficient, with permanent residency typically granted within 2-3 months.

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Investment Scheme 

Investment Type
Normal Track investment
Obtain Cypriot PR within eighteen to twenty-four months: - The applicant must purchase a residential property worth at least €100,000
Fast Track investment
Obtain Cypriot PR within three to six months: - The applicant must purchase a new residential property worth at least €300,000, or offices/shops/hotels or similar developments worth at least €300,000, or a combination worth at least €300,000.
Advantages of Cyprus PR Program
  • Cypriot Permanent Residency can be obtained in three to six months through the fast-track program, or in eighteen to twenty-four months through the regular program. 

  • Permanent residency in an EU member state. 

  • Investors are permitted to live and work in Cyprus. 

  • The investor and family will have a lifetime permanent residence with no expiration date. 

  • High-quality healthcare and education systems are available. 

  • There are no physical residency requirements during the application process; however, the investor must visit Cyprus once every two years to maintain the PR status. 

  • There are no interviews or language requirements. 

  • There is no tax on worldwide income. 

  • There is no property inheritance tax. 

  • Property with a freehold title. 

  • Rental income can be generated by a property investment.

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