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Malta Citizenship By Investment

Obtaining Maltese nationality, and hence a European passport, allows you to travel across Europe. You will be able to take use of all the benefits offered to European residents, including freedom of movement within the European Union and ease of travel to over 160 countries. Furthermore, you will benefit from an exceptional living environment in Malta, with its sun and stunning beaches on the Mediterranean coast.

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Investment Scheme 

Malta’s Individual Investor Program (MIIP) necessitates the following investments:

The main applicant will contribute €700,000 to the National Development and Social Fund. 


Contribution of €50,000 each for spouse and minor children. 


Contribution for dependent children aged 18 to 26 and dependent parents aged 55 and over: €50,000 each. 


Fees for Due Diligence: 

€15,000 for the main applicant 

€10,000 for spouses, adult children, and parents 

€10,000 each for children aged 13 to 18 years. 


The applicant must maintain a residence in Malta for a period of five years, either by purchasing a real estate property worth at least €740,000 or by leasing a property starting at €16,000 per year. 


A donation of at least €10,000 to a Community Malta Agency-approved organizations.

Advantages of Malta Citizenship By Investment
  • Individuals wishing to live in Malta will benefit from a favorable tax structure. 

  • Non-domiciled owners are eligible for special tax breaks. 

  • Great commercial hub in the heart of tax treaties with over 50 nations. 

  • Official languages are English and Maltese, although commercial and business transactions are frequently conducted in English. 

  • Free education and healthcare in the EU. 

  • Visa-free travel to over 185 countries, including the United Kingdom, the Schengen area, and Canada. 

  • There is no need to relinquish one's current citizenship. 

  • Country that is stable and secure. 

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